YES ........... Construction started We will show the progress here.


March 26
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Dining Room walls
Studs ready to be put in place, yes the bar is still there.
The new HVAC ready to be mounted
March 26
  Final touches to the HVAC
Studs going in more studs
March 30 Studs are in! Monday starting with the electrical work!
April 4  
Ceiling patched and ready to be painted The electric tentacles.....are going everywhere...
April 10 The great wall of Mama is going up fast !!
April 12  
The walls are done And the ceiling is as black as the back of the moon again.
The new floor tiles  
April 20  
The bar is taking shape.....
Now what to do with a wood carving of 12 feet, when the wall opposite to the bar is 11 feet?
May 5 The painting has started
The flooring is going in

May 14

Getting Close to finishing the floor!
May 18
The floor is done
The new bar cabinets are ebing installed
June 12  

Remember the 12 ft wood carving...

Here it is being mounted

Josh is cleaning the windows